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Having struggled to speak out for years as an introvert, Sudha pulls on foundational vocal and body language techniques learnt during her time studying acting and doing a theatre degree, to help you deliver your pitch or presentation with ease and confidence. She also draws from decades of experience managing nerves under huge amounts of pressure whilst performing on some of the world’s biggest stages.

Do you have a pitch or presentation that you need help with? Are you a founder that needs help with some business coaching? Or quite simply, do you want to better your skills whilst spending more time at home? All sessions are being run via Zoom. Book a free chat with Sudha today.


Talk Like TED

Have you ever wondered what skills you would need to create a powerful TED- style talk? One that resonates, communicates clearly, touching the emotions and getting your audience to think and act. Sudha’s experience as a TED X speaker and Coach means that she has first-hand knowledge of what is needed. Get in touch to book a free session with Sudha.

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