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Sudha works with you to understand the needs of your clients, colleagues or audience to ensure you are equipped with the best tools for delivering your pitch, presentation or talk.

Founders, Start Ups & Accelerators

As an award-winning Start Up Founder, Sudha knows what it is like to work within innovation teams and to pitch to VCs and Angels. She uses the © Best 3 Minutes pitch coaching methodology to gives practical workshops that have helped hundreds of Startups and thousands of professionals to make investment and business winning pitches. Find out more by clicking the link below.

1:1 Coaching

Work with Sudha on a 1:1 and conquer your fears around public speaking, presenting and performance. Sudha will create a bespoke programme for you and can deliver sessions in person or via Zoom. Click the link below to learn more.

Talks & Keynotes

Sudha is a TED X and international keynote speaker. Her most requested keynote ‘How to find your spark’ highlights how Sudha used the experience of watching huge crowds at music festivals come together with true human spirit. Her talk will uplift and inspire you to find your own inner spark and the power within.

Talk Like TED

Sudha has given 2 TED X talks and regularly coaches clients to be TED X ready. Sudha can work with you to script, prepare and deliver your TED X talk. Tried and tested, Sudha can work with you prior to and all the way up to the day of your TED talk.

Sudha Can Help You With

Pitch Workshops


Pitch Workshops


Best Business Coaches


Best Business Coaches

Body language

Best Business Coaches


Best Business Coaches

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Best Ted X Speaker


Best Ted X Speaker




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